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After   taking off and beginning to fly, both internal and external views are "shaking".  Frame rates are quite high, and nothing has been changed by me.  X-plane 11.1 has worked well  for me until now.  Is it possible the newest windows-10 update has something to do with this ???


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Check to see if you have "Cinema Verite" inadvertently selected in the View dropdown.
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Much the same thing here - this after updating to 11.11 (Win 10 pro). Frame rates are normal (that is, same as before update), but just after takeoff there is a lot of "stuttering".
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Apples and oranges.  ;)  OP says frame rates are okay, not referring to "stuttering."

Cinema Verite adds what amounts to a simulation of a hand held camera to X-Plane.  This is a normal function unrelated to frame rate, but if enabled unexpectedly with an errant mouse click, it can be confused with a fault in the sim if the user was not previously familiar with the function.