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I only have a simple question, I want to buy xPlane but,

Which are the differences between Digital Version and Steam version?


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Hi jacopomozzy,

I don't support Steam and I am not with Laminar Research.  Just a flight simmer

Steam is a third party product whereby the creators are taking a commercial advantage of the official development work by Laminar Research,  Steam is not the official version of X-Plane.  There is no connection of any type between Steam and Laminar.

Having read earlier postings in this forum I understand that there are delays with any updates via the Steam version if and when released by Laminar Research.  With the LR version, and if you have ticked the Beta Version update box it will automatically search for any updates and load immediately when you boot-up x-plane .

I also understand by reading some pages on the official Laminar Research webpages you don't receive the full version download with Steam and you have to do a supplementary download. I can't find the link for you to look at to confirm this statement.

As Laminar Research is a small company developing a superior product, purchase the official version of X-plane and support their ongoing work.  

Irrespective of what version you chose welcome to the world of X-Plane