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Dear XPlane chaps

I have built a home cockpit which is now considerably more featured by using your fantastic G1000 in two pop-up windows.

I wondered if it’s possible to add (or enable if it’s hidden) ADF functionality for the HSI? NDBs are still used a lot in the U.K. and the integration would save me having to plonk around with additional dials and buttons...

Many thanks for the hard work put into XP11, enjoying it muchly :)

Kind regards

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Could I also ask if there’s any plans to interface air traffic into the GPS? Eg from Vatsim? That’d be really nice :)

A back-end menu, offering the user the sort of ‘options’ a G1000 customer can choose to activate on their setup would be nice - for example the ability to turn the MFD into a half map/half Ts&Ps  instead of the strip for Ts&Ps.

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Having the same problem with the same aircraft. I am pretty unhappy about this, because it definitely limits the capabilities of the aircraft for no obvious reason. The problem is I do not really have one aircraft that fits all IFR-needs at the moment. I also use a Beech A36 and a TB10 for IFR-training. Here the problem is that the OBS-mode doesn't work well. And using the G1000 as generic ADF source in OBS-mode is just no realistic or practicable solution when following a flight plan or shooting an approach. Have you ever received an answer by laminar?