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hi guys, recently bought xplane 10 on disc for my older computer which had a disk drive an installed it perfectly although now i have a newer computer which does not contain a disk drive. I was wondering if there was a way i could convert the disk files onto a usb drive and install it that way or if there is any other way of installing it.

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Hi reviewbrah,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

There are others who have asked the same question in this forum.Scroll back through the questions and answers.  The latest question asked was given an answer on 14th January 2018.

The short answer is that an ISO USB dongle can be created.  It is not a simple case of copy the disc to the USB stick.

You will need to consult Dr Google on how to do it   There are several options by various experts.  You may need to play with some of the variations to find the best solution.

I would be interested on how successful you were.

Good luck and welcome to X-Plane.  


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