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i cant use my xbox360 controller for PC with xplane 11 properly.

The controller is fine, detected correctly in x-plane 11, calibrated and so. All fine.

But it has 2 sticks providing x,y movement and this about what setup is complaining:

"multiple axes assigned to pitch,roll"

I selected none for axis as function for the 1. stick, lower right on controller but when i jump into

my Skyhawk and make a check of roll and pitch, nothing moves.

The yaw works and all other assigment but not just this.

Any help appreciated. X-plane 11 on Windows 10 64 bit.
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I can`t get my x-plane(via steam) works with my x-box 360 controller either. which works prefect with other games. I`m sure my pc had recognized it.

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It sounds like there are still multiple assignments to pitch & roll then. Check the Device drop down to see if there is another device with these assignments.

Otherwise, I'll probably need to see the full log.txt file and a screenshot of the controller set up in X-Plane.
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thank you for answer. The problem was my joystick which was plugged in together with xbox. I mentioned it all the time offline. Sorry.

However, why is not possible to have both connected. Or is there a settings ?

Thank you

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