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I usually do not have problems in turning the knobs of the avionics 'built-in' in X-Plane as, for instance , the Garmin 430.   I do have problems, however, in turning the knobs in the add-on CRJ-200 model that I purchased separately from  X-Plane.  When I hover using the mouse over the knobs of the CRJ-200, 2 curved arrows appear (with opposite directions) around the knob.  But when I click on either arrow, nothing changes on the displays.  I cannot change altimeters settings, altitudes, speeds, and so on.

Could somebody help?

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I tried the procedure that you suggested, but unfortunately it did not work.  In any case, many thanks for your input.

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You might try this. Place your mouse over the knob until the 2 curved arrows appear. Now push and hold the left mouse button. Slide the mouse straight left or right and you may see the change for which you are looking. But, this is just a guess as I do not have the add-on CRJ-200.

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I have also seen the double arrows used to indicate a difference between left and right click (i.e. left click the button for minus and right click for plus), as well as to indicate that you are supposed to hover over the button and then use the mousewheel to increase or decrease the values.

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In my case re-installing the CRJ-200 model solved the problem. After re-installation I was able to turn the knobs the way I had always done.

Using the mousewheel is an interesting alternative.  Thanks for the tip.