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On a IFR flight in IMC conditions, I am using the flight management computer until I get radar vectors for the ILS final approach. I can set up the right display for the approach the nav. radios and receive localizer readings but no glideslope readings. So I am unable to follow the correct glide path to the runway.

Do I have the incorrect switch settings? If so, what should they be? Or if the United 747-400 does not come with a ILS glideslope, how do I set one up. Thank you

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The glideslope is indicated in the default 747 with a small purple diamond shape in the EFIS. You can click on the yoke to make it disappear so that's it's easier to see the panel. I have highlighted the g/s indicator in an orange box in the attached pic.

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Thank you,

The glideslope indicator was there all the time, it turns out that it was just hard to see on my computer monitor unless I zoom in on the display. It is hard for me to see when looking out the window for the runway and watching the EFIS together.

You were a great help and thank for taking time out to answer my question.     I'm loving x- plane