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I'd hoped someone else would have asked this and I could apply their fix. Guess it's something in my system.

I've upgraded to 11.2 three (3) times and always have to restore a backup copy (11.05) to use X-plane. It crashes immediately after launching.  I have Oculus Rift installed but I've packed away the hardware - too much motion sickness. I've deleted my preferences folder which did not help. Short of uninstalling the whole system I'm at a loss trying to upgrade. What do you recommend?


Windows 10
i-7 6700k

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Can you include your ...X-plane 11/log.txt file? I underground it's a default install (no third party addon)...
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I'm facing the same problem. It crashes when it reads new scenery files. One time it crashed when I was on the dialog for chosing languange.

I have tried to reinstall x-plane and also tried to update the program.

I completly removed x-plane before I reinstalled.

So, how to solve this?! It's getting a bit anoying.

// Henrik //

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Are you trying to open Steam before running X plane 11?  If so, don't.  Open X plane and Steam will open itself.
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No Steam. No log file generated. See: https://youtu.be/C-9d5eSe2Qw (Link will expire 1 month).

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