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Hello, Trying to get Garmin Pilot on my Android Tablet working with X-Plane 11. I've setup the Network to Broadcast and I see X-Plane 11 on Garmin Pilot to Connect. I select to Connect but There is no movement at all on the Garmin Pilot for the Plane. It just sits in one place. Please see the screenshots below.

In Windows, I've allowed the Firewall to let X-Plane Go through.

In  The Nexus 9 - I've set the Tablet to Airplane Mode and only Enabled WiFi. I've even disabled Location Services on the Tablet.

Is there anything else I need to do? 

BTW -> I have an old iPad with a older version of Garmin Pilot on that and it works with the Transmit to Single Copy of .. setting. 

Is there a specific setting I need to check for in Garmin Pilot for Android? Or is this a Garmin Pilot Bug?


Settings to Get Location: 

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