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When trying to install disk 2 from the DVDs I get the message "Permission denied. Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system."

I've checked my file permissions and that's not the problem, I downloaded the demo and that works fine, the disc looks fine but keeps stalling at the same place on disk 2.

I also read all of the previously asked similar questions but they all ask for the installer log. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Some help to attach a file to a question :

You installer log.txt is saved on your desktop.

Never install x-plane at the root of your C: drive, because of file access permission.

Laminar Research advises to install x-plane on the desktop.
It can also be installed anywhere on a slave or external drive.
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Thanks, got the installer log attached now :)
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Can you try again and install no scenery at first? This will be a faster installation. Where did you buy these dvds?
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I selected none, all, and then one region only.  Stalled at the same place.  I bought the DVDs from Amazon.
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Hmm.. i don't know how it works with Amazon. The best way is to buy directly from Laminar Research on, IMHO, but now that it's done...

Do you have to enter a product key?

Are you able to copy the content of every dvd on your computer?

Are you able to read a film for example, from your dvd drive?
Note that I'm not affiliated with Laminar Research, I'm a normal X-Plane user.