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My question/problem is simple, no matter what plane it is while turning right or left while taxiing, plane slows down urgently especially if i try to make a sharp turn. To be honest it is not possible for me to make a sharp turn at all. For an example making a 180 turn on the runway is almost impossible for me to do in normal circumstances. What i do for this is i almost giv 60%-80% thrust to make the move otherwise plane slows down and stops.

I wonder if it is a common thing or realistic thing but didn't had or seen anything like that on somewhere else or on an other simulation.

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Check the left/right brake assignment, it is possible that the brakes oppose your rudder, i.e you are turning right, but also left brake comes on and vice versa.

Hope that helps.
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I've nearly checked all the button assignments but couldn't find anything like that. I only have parking brakes assigned to 'v' and to one of my joystick buttons but nothing else.

I also tried resetting all the button assignments and other settings etc. nothing yet changed anything.
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It does that with me too, but I think it is because the front wheel has to turn and sometimes there is smoke, which must be the rubber which will make it slow down automatically.
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Well i don't know why, but it is surely unrealistic and feels bad. Like it is too hard for me to make a basic turn on the taxiway even with a b738...
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Yes same here...sad

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Hello people, I am still looking for a solution for my problem but I just wanted to add somethings.

I can check the rudder input in the simulation, it is starts at 0.000 and stays there if there is no input and the plane moves straight. -1.000 is full left rudder while 1.000 is full right rudder. Planes slowing down starts almost at -0.250 or 0.250. when on the half rudder like -0.500 or 0.500 plane is already reaches a point where it stopps or slows down to 2-3knots of ground speed most of the time. I have never managed to make a full rudder and make a turn, its almost possible with a full thrust to make a sharp turn. And yeah, thats ridicilous.
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I know it sounds ridiculous on the ground, but check if you have yaw damper not on. Strange.
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Nothing changes... sad