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i run my xplane 11 ver 11.10 my question is way i dont get the upgrade to ver 11.20 automatic

 ?can i download the upgrade alone

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I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Yes you can download the latest version yourself at any time whether it be a Beta version or general release version

My understanding is that automatic download will not happen unless you tick a checkbox that asks the question about downloading a beta version or updating to the latest version.  It is a self help system as some flight simmers don't want the Beta version but the final release version.  The current 11.20 version also has a check box to be ticked(?) if you want to utilize the VR headset facility. I am not able to confirm the upgrade/update methodology as my system is currently mothballed.

Hope this helps

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Thenk you for your answer