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I noticed today that "asi_preset_HM_dig" indicator shows wrong values (400 instead 250 -generaly higher - like it was in km/h not kts).

This one is needed for Concorde but is useless now

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If information in Plane Maker is wrong, please submit a bug report here. Please be a bit more detailed than this post. Screenshots of the issue, and information on why you think this is wrong would be helpful.

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Thank you Jennifer - just sent the bug report.

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How will I know this bug is confirmed?

Will I receive an email or just have to check updated Plane Maker?

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If the report went through successfully, the following page will be a confirmation. If attachments are too large, sometimes the reports don't send, but there is no warning about why. In general, if the bug is confirmed you get a response with a bug number. If we need more information or cannot reproduce it we generally follow up with that response as well.