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VASI and PAPI lights have just recently stopped functioning.  Will no longer turn red.  Took all plug-ins out which did not fix the issue.  Took out the apt_lights folder and ran installer which also did not fix the issue.  I'm running 11.11r2.  Found one other person online having the same issue.
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I just installed X-Plane 11 last week from the website.  I assume it would be the latest version.  I don't see VASI Lights at any airport.  Running at the latest Windows 10.  I have set all settings to max on a new computer.

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Thanks, Michael Douglass

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What airport do you see this at? I could not reproduce this on a fairly clean install of 11.11 with the C172 at KSEA.
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All airports I tried.  KMRY, KAVX, KTOA, KSAN, etc..  All of these use to work.  Clearly something has occurred that stops all VASI and PAPI lights from being functional.  I've tried taking out all plug-ins and the apt_lights folder and reinstalling with xp11 installer which did not correct the problem.