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I was wondering if I can get a tip on how I can get the Homemade Cessna 172 cockpit knobs working again on the instrument panel (homemade) currently using Air Manager to reflect the panels. They were programmed by somebody whom I cannot find with the previous Air Manager panel, but when I updated to the newer version of Air Manager, the knobs stopped responding. 

Heading indicator Knob
Altimeter Knob
Attitude Indicator Knob
VOR Knob
ADF knob

All of them are not responding. 



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Hi Edshawa,

I am not with Laminar Research or Sim Innovations; just a flight simmer.

This forum relates specifically to X-Plane software problems.

As Air Manager is a 3rd party add-on to X-Plane, my suggestion is to contact Sim Innovations in the first instance for a possible solution.  I am confident they can provide/find a solution to your problem.  My dealings have always been with Ralph and the responses have be quick.  Rus Barlow has been doing a lot of work in the development of the latest version of Air Manager, particularly version 3.  The starting point to lodge your problem is at https://siminnovations.com/support/support-ticket

As another alternative have a look at the Air Manager (Sim Innovations) forum at https://siminnovations.com/forums/ for a possible solution.

Hope you get a solution.


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