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I have an iMac 27 late 2013 3.4GHz I5 Nvidia 2GB  macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. I bought a new iMac 27 3.5Ghz QC5 TB up top 4.2GHz  8GB memory 1TB flash storage AMD Radson Pro 575 w/4GB VRAM.

I ask you how to transfer all my files from the old to the new iMac. My X-Plane version is 11.10 64 Bit digital download product with product key.

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Rafael I. Marino     email:    drrimn@msn.com

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Yes, you can copy/paste the entire X-plane folder to your new computer.

I would recommend to delete the content of the following folder :

...\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences

except maybe the 3 following files :

X-Plane Calibration.prf
X-Plane Joystick Settings.prf
X-Plane Keys.prf

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I am unable to transfer from my old PC since it died.
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If you can't recover your hard drive, you can still download the installer here :
And install a second copy.

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