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My Setup for Xplane 11 VR6 beta:

I am running Windows 7 64 bit on AMD 8350 with 24GB RAM and Nvidia 1050TI with Oculus Rift and 3 sensors. I have 33 hours of only Xplane 11 VR time with NO added plugins/addons/planes.

The problem:

The Steam Version of XPlane 11 VR6 will run correctly once about every 10-12 hours when XPlane 11 VR6 is launched from Steam. If Xplane 11 VR6 is run again within the 10-12 hours the Xplane program hangs/locks on the Xplane loading VR screen no matter how many times you try to rerun Xplane. Even rebooting the computer does NOT let Xplane 11 VR run again but will let NON-VR 2D Xplane to work again as long as VR hardware is not enabled in Xplane settings. After running Xplane 11 once and doing nothing to the computer, Xplane VR will run one time again after 12 hours. The computer can be on, off, or in sleep mode and you get the same result every 10 to 12 hours.

My Observation and testing:

As far as I can determine, the Oculus software is blocking the VR portion of Xplane 11 (when launched from Steam) from running more than once every 10 to 12 hours with a lock file which must expire for the Oculus Client after a set time. This must be a Steam to Oculus lock file since the Non-Steam version of Xplane 11 DEMO will work as many times as I can run it.

This problem did not exist until VR4 or VR5 when the STEAM VR was removed from the launching of VR. XPLANE 11 VR6 is launching directly with the Oculus VR application without Steam VR running but the Steam VR link/lock file seems to be created but NOT REMOVED when Xplane closes or crashes. I have not been able to find the actual lock file so I hope someone here can help.

Also to clarify, I have the DEMO of Xplane 11 VR6 Beta which DOES NOT RUN FROM STEAM and the DEMO WORKS EVERY TIME but the version purchased through STEAM and launched from the Steam library hangs after one launch of the game!

Questions about the problem:

Does anyone know where Steam and Oculus might keep this lock file so I can delete it and run VR?

Does anyone have any other ideas on what is causing this problem if not a lock file?

Is there a way to convert/trade a Steam Xplane 11 software Key to a stand alone version of Xplane 11 which does not require Steam to launch?

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How exactly does it block you from using X-Plane? Is there an error message or does it simply not respond? Is the Oculus software up to date? Last week there was an issue with Oculus letting a certificate expire. This manifested as an error about Oculus updating every time you tried to launch the Oculus software. This has to be fixed by manually downloading a patch from Oculus.

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My last long comment never showed up online so I will try again.  My Oculus works perfectly for all Oculus and Steam library VR. The only problem is with launching XPlane 11 VR6 into VR mode.   It will launch from Steam Library only ONCE about every 12 hours.  No other VR game has this problem. All VR games work after Xplane 11 VR6 fail to load on the 2nd run of the program.  Xplane 11 VR6 will work every time you run it if I do not run it in VR mode.