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Changed asphalt runway settings in Resources/BitMap by removing folder, installing new one.  Obviously above my pay grade - didn't work, now I'm missing runway numbers/striping/detail.  Would like to reinstall original 10.45 settings (download vs. disk purchase), or otherwise fix.  Have attached text file.  Thanks.


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Hi ScreemingBreeze,

I am not associated with the X-plane organisation and therefor cannot provide an answer to your problem.

However, have look at a number of youtube videos by Wycliffe Barrett and in particular his v0log_147 titled Xplane Dedicated: Life hacks and tips produced about 1 month ago.  It may help and may solve your problem.  If you google Wycliffe Barrett you should get to all of his videos.  It gives an answer on how to fix problems with X-plane.

Good luck.


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The easiest way to restore altered default files is to run the installer and pick "Update X-Plane." It will scan and find the modified files and ask if you want to keep or overwrite the files. You should pick overwrite and they should get restored.

If you want to change runways and scenery, you should download WorldEditor and make your changes to individual scenery packs through there.

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Thanks Glenn - lots of interesting videos there.  Not so sure my (evolving) difficulties with having made ill-advised (that's spelled unglued) changes and the probably worse problems encountered in trying for a fix, are there, but I'll plow through them.  Appreciate the kindness.

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