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Is there gonna be a Co-Pilot option in this game? There is one plugin that is somehow like a co-pilot, but it is very bad , and there are a lot of Bugs. It should work like that: Using your IP adress or Hamachi to connect to your friend and choose if you want to be the Pilot or Co-Pilot. Both players should have full acces to controlls. I hope that you will add that. If you could create this fabulous game, it wont be so hard for you to add that. Thanks!

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Hi 4Gamers,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

My memory seems to tell me from comments seen in earlier questions in this forum that this option is on the way.  When?

In the meantime the following concept may be of some help which can be found at

Also try this link which has a reference found in the manual.  This link may be what I can remember seeing.  The link is at

Here is another link at

The comments in the last two links made by Jennifer (jroberts) are from a Laminar Research staff member. 

This link may give you some assistance as well.  It is an alternative forum to this forum.  It has a lot of good stuff whereby you have to use the search engine.  Good for free add-ons as well as payware and donate ware.  The latest link is

Good luck