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I am trying to install XP11 from DVD on a Mac (Retina 5K 4GHz Intel i7 running OSX 10.13.3 High Sierra). Despite multiple install attempts, the error message "No such file or directory" triggers after scenery disk 3 is inserted. I've followed the advice to install to the desktop and have tried multiple workarounds including selecting regional scenery, selecting all scenery and manually installing the scenery folders/files from the disk. All produce the same result. There's no issue with the disk drive.

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For now, I would recommend doing a no scenery install. This should only require disc 1 so it sounds like it should work to get you flying at least.

After that, insert the problematic DVD into the drive and see if you can copy all its contents to the desktop. That will be a better indicator if the DVD is defective or not. Trying that on another computer's disc drive (if possible) would also be helpful to confirm its not a problem with the machine.

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