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Lately i have been having difficulties when flying my cessna 172 on xplane 11. After i release the parking brake and give throttle my aircraft banks a hard left and i am unable to correct this on time and make the take-off.

 I use CH products yoke and rudder pedals however when i unplug them, thus flying on keyboard mode the plane does the same thing. My turn and bank indicator shows what is happening to my plane. Turn indicator goes left wingtip down while bank indicator goes black ball to the right.

I am relativly sure that it has nothing to do with my controls since it does the same thing with or without the yoke/rudder pedals connected/disconnected.

If you need further info don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks in advance

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Here running 11.20b1 and have seen something similar. Try turning off (removing) all AI aircraft.