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For the last week I have tried to update x-plane without success. Every attempt fails with: Download failed with error: 28 for URL http://cds.n3w4x3c2.ssl.hwcdn.net/X-Plane%2011.20b3/directory.txt.zip.

I have emailed X-Plane support 3 times regarding this error but have had no response.

I found a reference to this issue while searching this site and the solution was to download installer version 4.03R2. I have tried the link in the post as well as every link on the X-Plane site but can only find version 4.03R1.

Any help would be appreciated.


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The Windows installer on the X-Plane website might be mis-labled for the version. You can always download the latest installer here. Please give it a try and if you still have problems, attach the full installer log.txt file from your desktop.

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