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I have downloaded X Plane 11 Demo in view of buying  the full version after installing it goes through the set up it said to turn the joystick to the right which it did turning the plane ,but then it said turn to the left which it did not so I went into settings ,and tried to set up all my controllers that way I have got Saitec yoke ,thottles etc when I tried to set up the yoke by the picture by default all the sliders went blue but when I used them in the aircraft nothing worked .

I have got 6 controlers mainly Saitec  ,but I cant set up any of them to Xplane 11 my pc is w10 i7 64 bit ,works ok on FSX via FSUIPC ,does this mean that it will not work on so many usb controlers ?as I really would like to change over from FSX to Xplane 11.

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X-Plane can handle and use multiple USB devices. You will need to ensure all of them are calibrated, and none of them have duplicate axis assignments or they won't work properly in the sim. If you are using device manager software, sometimes that causes problems with X-Plane.

Here is a tutorial video on setting up joysticks that might help you get started.