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If the Beta for X plane 12 is out, why should I buy X Plane 11? I have copies of Vers 9 and 10, and I feel that I have spent a lot of money on non-compatible sim add-ons. Why don't you offer discounted new versions to LOYAL Customers? Also, does Ver 11 and 12 have a Hasp? GEE, more money out the window......

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I have no idea what you're talking about. The current shipping version of X-Plane is still 11.11. The current beta we are working on finalizing is 11.20. The next feature update will be 11.30 sometime later this year. These are all free updates to X-Plane 11.

There has been NO official discussion of the existence of any later versions of X-Plane, including any discussion of an X-Plane 12.