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I am really a new comer to Flight sims and opted for X-Plane.

Got the DVDs from (being in France).

Encountered Permission Denied for too many files while installing ( Windows 10).

Spent a lot of time on Internet but of no avail.

Tried ALL SCENERY, Partial SCENERY and NO SCENERY, checked directory permissions, etc, etc.

Ofcourse the Install was on the desktop..

After spending many hours, I gave up.

The next morning, I tried again but this time without Internet connection.

Bingo, it worked like a flower. Was Internet connection the problem ?

The following error message was at the beginning and end of DVD 1 install : 

E/NET: Download failed with error: 6 for URL  ,

but this didnot affect the install.

Hope this will help in identifying the cause of this issue.

Please let me know an e-mail address to send the log files of my efforts...

PS : one subsidiary information : The Install didnot require Registration Key

With best wishes


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The DVDs will  not need an internet connection for either the install process, or to unlock the sim from Demo mode. We recommend keeping DVD 1 in the drive at all times to keep out of demo mode. DVDs do not come with product keys as only DVD 1 is required to activate the sim.