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I want to use the option to send a value to XPlane10 via UDP as a comma-separated string.

This is offered by xplane in the 'Dataref-Out' window.

It is possible to read and write datarefs as 'Datarefs to Write as $ + Comma-Seperated-Strings' and also to read ''Datarefs to Read as $ + Comma-Seperated-Strings'.

The write option does work perfectly. The UDP-Message looks like this:




How does the 'read' message has to look like, so that XPlane understands the message?

When I´m trying to send 'DREF@&[value]' it does not get the value!

I would really appreciate your help, because I wasn't able to find any answer in the web!

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Check out the instructions folder of your X-Plane install. In "X-Plane SPECS from Austin" the doc "Exchanging Data with X-Plane.rtfd" talks more about exchanging data via UDP.
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Hello jroberts,

thank you very much for your answer & help!

I know this document, but you won't find anything about this in that document!

Do you know how to apply this kind of message type to write datarefs to Xplane?