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Many X-Plane aircraft come with a start-up / shut-down checklist.  I'd like a way to see them in VR.  One thought is to use the xPad that's usually floating to my right outside the cockpit.  Right now, I move it inside somewhere and activate the map.  I saw your announcement about plugins opening windows now.  I believe that's what your xPad is, but it's pasted to a tablet model.

Could it be as easy as specifying the desired PDF in a configuration TXT file associated with the the checklist file?

See attached markup image.

VR xPad Checklist from PDF

P.S. Please allow mice to use controller features.

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As the co author of Xchecklist it allows you to have a checklist in VR. It can also be displayed in a normal X-Plane display or popped out to a second monitor.