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Since some weeks now im unable to download any files with the latest XP11 installer. Although I turned off Windows Firewall, Kaspersky AV and tried a new Windows 10 Installation, the installer log says: 0:00:03.964 E/NET: Download failed with error: 56 for URL 11.05r2/

Any fix for this issue?

Greetings from Germany


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Unfortunately this error is somewhat unclear. Something went wrong with the internet. If possible, can you try a different network to see if you get the same error?
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I just tried a VPN Windows Client and boom, updating is possible again. So how is that possible? it cant be related to my internet connection then. its something with connecting to X-Plane servers via Europe or something.
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A VPN probably connected to a different part of our CDN network. If there is an issue with the files nearest your actual location, you would have bypassed them by using the ones from a different part of the world.
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Doesn't that mean that something is wrong on the CDN side if its solved on my side via VPN?
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Possibly. We will need more data. Please PM me the information on the internet service that saw the issue: your general location, ISP & IP address.
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If you can still see this error when using the first ISP, please also send or attach a copy of the installer log.txt so I can see the specific error logged.
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Sent you a PM
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Was there any conclusion on problems with CDNs in Europe?  I've had the installer running for 2 hours now (just the base code, all maps unselected) and the progress bar is only at around 10%.

This is driving me insane!  @jroberts Is there any other way to download the installation that doesn't use content networks?

My installer log file is full of entries like:

6:13:53.278 E/INS: Server  hit error Failure when receiving data from the peer and will time out for 310.000000 seconds.  Error count is now 19.

6:13:53.332 E/INS: Error processing Failure when receiving data from the peer (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:346)
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Reports of problems are inconsistent enough that we haven't seen a specific area we can address. Our installer is also more sensitive to problems with files not downloading than it needs to be, so if it hits too many errors in a short time it gives up the install.

Downloading no scenery initially may help as it greatly reduces the number of files that need to be installed. Then add scenery later in chunks. You can also use the "update" option to replace any files it misses in the initial download.

The last resort would be to consider purchasing X-Plane from Steam instead, as they use a different method of download delivery.
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The option of not downloading any scenery is what I'm attempting at the moment, as I say, 2hrs and counting with a long way on the progress bar to go.

I don't think that I've ever experienced a faultless fresh installation or update in the short time that I've been an X-Plane customer, it's always given me these "unable to download" messages and I know that my connection is fine as I'm working from home and spend most of the day on VoIP calls without any connection problems.

Would trying Steam mean that I'd have to re-purchase X-Plane?  Or is there a way to get a Steam download for free?
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Hi @jroberts, I don't know if these logs would be useful.  But whilst waiting for my gaming PC to download a fresh copy of X-Plane 11 I fired up a windows VM on my work machine, VPN'ed it into our San Jose, USA head end and started that machine downloading a copy also.  

Whilst the VPN machine was very constrained in terms of throughput, you'll see a major difference in the logs, not a single "E/INS" message in there, compared to the gaming PC that was appearing from a UK based IP address, which had countless of them.

XP11 Installer Log - UK IP Address

XP11 Installer Log - USA IP Address

I also find it interesting that the installer is still pulling v11.05r2 meaning that the first thing that happens when you run X-Plane if you get sent back to the updater to get 11.25r2.  But that's a different question really  ;-)