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Perhaps I have not researched plane maker enough, but I'm unable to find the glossy feature that was available in x10.  The aircraft I have built in 11 are as dull as could be.  A rendering program is simply not enough since the reflectivity of created objects are light source dependent.

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X-Plane 11 uses a new model for lighting and textures. Here is a doc that explains the difference between it and X-Plane 10. You may also find this checklist for how to update aircraft to X-Plane 11 helpful

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Much obliged for your answer.  I guess I'm still stuck at the 'how'.  The aircraft I had built are from v11.20, so the question.. is there a place to select "glass exterior" in maker?  I found those selections only in misc objects.  ie. how would I make that selection for all parts (fuselage, wings, nacelles, pylons, etc.) I have to transfer those parts into misc objects (if so , how) or are we only talking about imported(non-xplane generated) objects?. Thanks..