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I accidentely shrunk my FMC, and now when I click on it, I can't bring the FMC up, making it impossible to file a flight plan.

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Can you explain a bit more what you mean by "shrunk"? Did you have it popped out as a separate window & use the button on the window to minimize it? Did you just change the bounds of the windows to be too small? If there is a way to "lose" the FMC I'd like to know how so maybe we can prevent it later on as well.
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The FMC popped out on a seprate window, and I used the button to minimize it, and I accidentally changed the bounds of the window for the whole FMC to be gone, and it's impossible to resize(Steam edition).
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I found that just clicking on the cockpit FMC brought it back into the main X-Plane window. If that doesn't work for you, the "nuclear" option is to delete the preferences files. The FMS window position may be saved in Miscellaneous.prf (found in Output > Preferences). You can find the X-Plane root folder by:


Right click on X-Plane

Choose Properties.

In the rising window choose LOCAL FILES.

And than choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES.

Now you are in the X-Plane Main (Root) Folder and you see the path in your file explorer.
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What do I do after I choose Browse Local Files?
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Move, rename, or delete the preferences folder in the Output folder.