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I want to run an experiment with pilots flying a simulated flight. I need to collect data about their performance (accuracy of handling the joystick, airspeed, flight path followed etc) and then export it to a format I can process further (e.g. Excel or csv). Can this be done with X-Plane?

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Sure it can!

I don't have my hands on X-Plane right now, so my directions might be slightly out, but if you go to Data menu, choose which data you want (airspeed, altitude and many more) and export all of them to a file, you are sorted.

Some specific data might be unavailable that way, the next stage would be to look into datarefs and try to export them to the file. Haven't done it myself, I am using a plugin to do it. Have a go.
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Happy to hear that! Thanks a lot, will check.

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