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hi. what   version is update for x plane 11 today 11.21 or 1121r2? or 11.25 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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11.21r2 is the latest stable version.

11.25r1 is the latest beta version.

To install a beta version :

Steam users need to right click on x-plane in Steam interface, choose properties and activate beta program under the right tab.

Other users need to download x-plane installer, run it to update and tick the beta box at a given step.

Laminar Research recommends to only install beta versions on a second copy of x-plane, and only do so if you are ok to potentially deal with some bugs.

I am not sure Steam users can install a second copy of x-plane.

Other users can choose to install a second copy of x-plane through install/update process.

Finally, you should know that it can be a pain to bring x-plane back from a beta version to the latest stable version.



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More info, and some disclaimers, about using betas: https://www.x-plane.com/kb/using-x-plane-betas/
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Guillaume. Thanks...great info.  I am sure we will be notified when 11.25 is fully released.  

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Indeed, notifications show up when you launch x-plane.

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