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When I run X-plane 11 I get the message that a new update is available. I click the link quit & upgrade, it downloads the upgrade then asks me if I wish to apply it. I click quit & upgrade again, the screen goes blank for about 2 seconds then drops me back to Windows 10 desktop. The upgrade having never been applied.

Here is the attached log file.


closed with the note: updating drivers for GPU fixed the problem

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It sounds like there is a problem opening the newly downloaded installer. You can manually download & try a copy of it here. If it still won't work, linking to a copy of the installer log may provide more information.

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Tried as you suggested above, it opens a blank window, then exits closing the window within half a second. Attached is the installation log.

installation log.txt

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The log didn't have much in it--it is truncated. Do you have any sort of antivirus installed or running? It's possible it doesn't want to run the newly downloaded program and is shutting it down quickly. Our applications are code signed so they should be considered trustworthy, but it may be worthing looking into.
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Thanks for getting back so quickly. No, other than the Microsoft firewall protection, it's just a generic version of Windows 10.

I captured some event logs from the event viewer. And linked a copy of the app crash report. 

Report.wer If this helps any....


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Hi, Just spoke to Randy, he thinks it might be my video drivers, and suggested that you could send me the instructions to upgrade. Let me know if you think that is correct. And if so, what those instructions are.

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It varies by manufacturer, OS version, etc. Your best bet may be an online search for your GPU + driver updates.
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That was it... I guess when I updated the firmware for the GPU I had assumed it updated the drivers as well... sigh.. Anyway. Fixed. Thanks.