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I am looking forward to getting the Airbus A320 ultimate and so to make sure it was what I wanted I have been looking at reviews and overlooks of it.

I found that some places had called it the Airbus A320-214 ultimate like this site here: 

This site reviews this aircraft.

I could not find this aircraft being sold anywhere online so, is this fake (I doubt it is since it is a site from X-Plane) or is it just an updated version of the original Airbus A320 ultimate like X-Plane 11.11 then X-Plane 11.20 and so on? If this is the case then would I have to pay for the updated version or would it just be like any other X-Plane update?

Also, is the Airbus A320 Ultimate still classified as beta?

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Hi Air,

Other than the answer I gave 2 days ago have a look at the following link as well by a well respected flight simmer.  The link can be found at

Good luck


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Hi Air,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Although I have spent time in an Airbus 320 flight simulator I am not able to answer your heading question when you joined this forum.

Confusion and or assumptions are made that there are connections between websites when a name is extremely similar.

Laminar Research is the developer/creator of  the X-Plane software and their web site is and their forum site is the one you have raised your query on ie this site.

My understanding is the site you make reference to is another forum for X-Plane users and has no connection with Laminar Research and or this forum.  If there was a connection then the airbus 320 would be supplied as part of the X-Plane standard aircraft.  There are many other forums for X-plane users as well

If you go to another site  this site has no connection with Laminar Research.  If you go to the store tab and enter A320 in the search engine you will find the airbus A320 version you are seeking developed by Flightfactor

There are modified versions available as well on the same site if you google correctly.  If you google Flightfactor you will find it is available for sale on their site as well.

Also if you google JARDesign or Aerosoft  or Simmarket you will find it is available for sale on their sites as well.

Good luck in finding what you want.


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Thank you, I was not aware that has no connection to Laminar Research and I have been confused about the site for awhile now. I am also glad that I didn’t buy the A320 on another site that wasn’t connected to Laminar Research.
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Here you can buy Flight Factor A320 Ultimate:

I was thinking about this and eventually decided to buy A319 by ToLiss :)