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 A comment by jr roberts Feb 16, 2016 in reply to question Feb15 2016::

"X-Plane allows only one function per flight hardware axis. I don't think there is a way to make one lever work for more than one thing in default X-Plane.".

The truth is, in x-plane 10, the CH single levers (Throttle, Pitch and Mixture) act on BOTH the engines in the Laminar Baron and the X-Aviation Beechcraft Duchess. How do I make the single lever quadrant work on both engines in x-plane 11?

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Hi Russell,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I don't know how you have configured the controls whether it was using the installation software that came with the product or through X-Plane.

My suggestion would be to ditch (remove) the CH product software and do the installation through X-Plane.  In the configuration, especially with X-plane you now get a graphic display that can be used for reference to configure each item. If unsure have a look at some of the Youtube videos produced by Laminar Research on configuring (setup) of components.

Good luck

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When setting your axis in the joystick settings, use "Throttle/Throttles" for your single lever as opposed to "Throttle 1".