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Having an issue with flickering displays.

Version: X-Plane 11.25 (Win 64-bit), Aircraft: 737-800 Default (Stock) and Zibo's Mod

Here a video showing the flickering:

Whatever I do, the problem shown remains constant in all setting combinations. I have only tried the 737-800 (stock & mod), but I'm pretty sure it'll occur with all aircrafts having the displays.

I'm using Windows 10 Pro (240GB SSD) with a Ryzen 5 2400G APU (4 Cores / 8 Threads, Vega 11) getting 2GB from my 16GB DDR4-3200 CL16 Kit on a B350M PRO-VDH Board. X-Plane 11 is installed on a 2 TB SSHD. I'm using the latest Driver, Firmware and Software updates.

I hope someone can help me.

Edit: Updated Video
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I have the same issue using a mobile Ryzen 7 2700U(Vega 10) on Windows 10 Home with X-Plane 11.26
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Hi... I have the same problem in both planes... And I have the same CPU(APU) (Ryzen 5 2400G). But I want to buy me a GTX 1080. I dont know how to fix this problem, but if you know it, please sontact... Thanks... :) PS: I deinstalled and installed Xplane 3 times new, but it isnt away
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I am now using a 1060 Gaming X and the flickering is gone. When I switch back to the APU, the flickering is also back again. So X-Plane definitely has a problem with AMD (Ryzen) APUs.
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Also the same Problem with rx vega 64. Did you find a solution?
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Hello master536,

Unfortunately, the only solution I could find was to buy a discrete graphics card. But since you seem to be using a GPU, the game may not be able to handle the Vega graphics card architecture, which actually shouldn't be, in my opinion. I would suggest to get in touch with the support directly. Support-Link

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You should definitely try removing all addons. I could not reproduce this with the 737 on a clean, default installation.
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Thanks for your reply!

Annoyingly, the problem has been there since the very first installation (of course without any plugins). I have already deleted and reinstalled X-Plane. After that I tried the Zibo Mod and updated my video to show the flickering in both aircrafts.
Surprisingly, sometimes when I turn the standby switch from Auto to Off, after a cold & dark start, the flickering disappears. However, this happens very irregularly and only with the default B738. When I start with the engines running, the displays flicker happily throughout the entire flight.

The flickering doesn't seem to follow any rhythm either. Sometimes it is very intense and sometimes there are dropouts for up to 30 seconds at least. Sometimes all displays flicker evenly together and sometimes wildly mixed up. It's just frustrating!

I have already switched from my TV, to which the computer is connected, to a reasonable monitor and tested the HDMI, VGA and DVI in-/outputs. Unfortunately, this had no influence on the flickering.

Except for the flickering, the game runs absolutely flawlessly (with medium settings for my PC).

Maybe it has something to do with the relatively new Ryzen 5 APU, but honestly I am completely confused and helpless!