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Hello, I have a few problems with the Airbus A320 ultimate and I would like to know if there is any ways to resolve this.

After loading, the interior of the cockpit is entirely unfunctional, and green appears in front of most of the controls which to me seems to be the instrument click region function which is not set to on.

Although many controls and instruments do not have this green, indicating that it is most likely not the function as mentioned earlier.


There are also problems on the external part of the aircraft, most of it is gray, these parts are the entire rear portion besides the flaps on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, which stick out of the gray part. The wings are also gray including the engines. The gray part stops several windows behind the front cabin door, but the passenger windows are gray as well. Also, the entire aircraft seems to be floating in mid air since the landing gear is not in the down position, which you can see in the aircraft's cockpit by looking at the landing gear lever.


These problems occur every time I load the simulator.

Also, I have looked at forums on and I found a forum stating how to install this aircraft correctly. But when I follow the instructions on this forum it makes the X-Plane 11 program unable to work. Then I end up having to delete X-Plane 11 and download it again since there is no way to reverse it.

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As this is not a default aircraft, I would recommend you contact its developer directly.