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I am operating x-plane 11 on a 2017 iMac (high Sierra OS), but want/need to increase frame speed.  Considering the Akitio Thunderbolt 3 eGPU and wanted to know if there was any feedback (or pro/cons) on some of these types of external video drivers.  Any recommendations from x-plane?... Thanks

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At this time, X-Plane does not support external GPUs so you will see no performance improvement. We have an open bug to support this, but we are a small team with limited development time and a lot of items for attention.
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I vote for this to be prioritized, I'd love to see this fixed.
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We have actually talked directly with AMD about eGPUs. These must be used with an external monitor to accelerate graphics-apps like X-Plane on an iMac or laptop, so that the eGPU can feed the monitor directly. You may also need to set the external monitor to the 'main' monitor in system prefs too, if X-Plane keeps getting the wrong GPU.

If you have set your eGPU up in this manner and still have performance issues, please send a bug report with your log.txt here.