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Anyone else notice when looking through the windshield  from inside the cockpit on the 172 its dull and blurry?

When using the exterior view the view in the distance gets slightly better..."Windshield effects" has no effect...

Thanks for any responses...

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Attaching an image of what you are seeing might be helpful. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but the windshield does have some scratches and effects on it for "realism." The time of day can also affect the reflections on the windshield.
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Thanks for the comment...I just think its kind of hazy and wish the glass itself was clearer..maybe I'm just asking for too much...LOL
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I noticed since the current up-dated to X-Plane 11 .31v, the default’s C-172’s left side of windshield in front of the pilot’s, sight of vision between the propeller’s arc and the engine cowling there appears to have scratches.

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I still wish I could clean that windshield with windex....It looks filthy inside and out!!!!angry

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