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Hi guys i have a technical question i was wondering if xplane 11 works smoothly  with these components:

6x3500 MHz

8gb DDR RAM pc1600mhz

Nvidia geforce 1050

1000 GB as my Festplattenspeicher

Thanks and Kind regards Philipp schneider

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what is the make and kind of you laptop?
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Hi Philipp, 

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly have a look at the system requirements found at and compare your machine.

Many serious flight simmers build a PC equal to or with specifications greater than the recommended specifications to obtain high performance ie frame rates.  X-plane, particularly version 11, is resource hungry which generates heat and the computer being used subsequently requires a good cooling system. 

Secondly before you contemplate any upgrade download the demo version to ascertain how well your computer will work.  Once you setup a flight in the demo version you will be restricted to a set time limit operating from one particular airport (Seattle ???).

The demo version is a locked version of the full software package.  If and when you do decide to purchase X-Plane all you need to do is purchase the software and then apply the provided "product key"

Good luck.