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I have experienced this crash to desk top fault twice in a row in the last two days. I have the log file if you could tell me how to attach it to this email. I recently installed MrX6 Airports runway and taxiway texture enhancement and am thinking this might be the cause. Hopefully you'll be able to pin point the exact issue causing my crash to desk top.

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Hi AK72,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

To attach the log.txt file follow these points and it should attach (work)

1.  Log in and open your question.

2.  Hit the edit (pencil) symbol at the bottom of the box you created your question in.  This allows you to modify or add more information to your question.

3.  At the top of the question box hit the "chain link" in the middle of the bottom row of symbols.

4.  Within the "box" that opens up hit the upload tab.

5.  Hit the "choose file" button and search for the file.  When found click on the file and then hit "open in that window.

6.  The file name should then be shown next to the Choose file button.

7.  Press the "Send to Server" button.

8.  Press OK and then at the bottom of page (your question box) hit "Save Changes"

9.  The log.txt file should be showing.

Good luck