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Hi to all simmers )

I am very impressed about Xplane community and i  really wanna be a part of it , if i could help at least supporting some of the free addons developers by donations )) which they do a beautiful effort /job for all of us to have good sim yea )

lets come to my  question , if i decide to purchase X-plane should i install or buy Turkeys airports or cities individually ?

i might sound really a junior about xplane but please if anyone can help  i will really appreciate, i was checking for a while and kind of confusing

thanks )

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Hello archuser01,

there is default scenery for Turkey included, but as most scenery in X-Plane the default scenery is just random buildings, no special landmarks like the Hagia Sophia or Bosperus bridges. Also most airports in Turkey are just runways and taxiways, no buildings. You can check out which airports are available here:

You can download free scenery for Turkey at the fan-sites for X-Plane, though.

Hope this helps, Jan