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Hello, I have an FX-8350 and xplane 11

But it is very slow and I want to know if anyone has real world tests of the Ryzen 7 2700x (like with add-ons) as I am looking to upgrade.

I know intel is better but apparently transfering means you have to reinstall windows


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2700x, 1080ti, 3440x1440 screen, using UHD mesh, X-Europe 2, ZL17 Photoscenery,  "Number of World Objects" set to max, reflections minimum, 2x AA, Max Texture quality + compression, HDR+SSAO, no clouds, max visibility:

- EDDF: 15fps lowest

- LOWI: ~18fps lowest

- LOWG: ~20fps lowest

- Grand Canyon: ~30-40fps

nvidia tool reports ~30-40% gpu utilization in these scenarios.
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thanks so much!