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I have recently tried to install OpenSceneryX and OverlayEditor but both installers cannot locate my X-Plane 11 folder because Steam has hidden it so well! I've tried a few methods on the forum but with no luck at all.

On the OpenSceneryX Installer, when I click on 'Use Steam' I get a pop-up saying 'The XPlane Steam folder could not be found at /User/shannontamiz/Library/ApplicationSupportSteam:SteamApps:common:X-plane 10.

So when I click on 'Change X-Plane Folder', under Applications the Steam file is grey'd out so I then go into my MacHD, Library, Application Support, the Steam or Common files are nowhere to be seen.

I've tried holding down 'shift+alt+.' everywhere I've looked and no hidden files show at all.

With the OverlayEditor it's pretty much the exact same problem.

So regret purchasing through Steam as I've had so many other problems with numerous add-ons both pay and freeware, I didn't have a choice really as I made over 5 attempts to purchase directly from the X-Plane site but none of my cards where being accepted.

I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6.


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Hi Shannon786,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The steam version of x-plane is not a Laminar Research version of X-Plane.  It is a 3rd party product which is slow to provide updates when officially released by Laminar research.

This forum is basically for the original Laminar Research X-plane users  but steam problems do get answered.

As there has been some time since you asked your question I suggest you seek an answer from the Steam forum.

Although I don't support Steam good luck in solving your problem
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Thanks. I have but no one responds on the Steam forum, it's probably a difficult one to solve I accept. Seen a few other guys reporting the same with no luck. Really regret getting it from Steam but I had no choice as the X-Plane site didn't accept 6 different credit cards of mine lol.
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Hey! For Steam specific requests - your best bet is [email protected]. Marty is an expert of the Steam version of X-Plane and he will be happy to assist you! Thanks!
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Thank you. I have sent a few emails to that steaminfo email but no one replies. Managed to get in touch with Marty direct but he couldn't solve the problem. I'm really stuck.
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To answer your OpenSceneryX question - it sounds like the functionality that detects the Steam folder isn’t dealing properly with the new folder location for X-Plane 11. I’ll investigate this and post a new version of the installer once I’ve tracked it down.
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Ok, I've built a new beta version of the Mac OpenSceneryX installer, which is available for download from here.  Hitting the Steam button should try to find an X-Plane 11 install first before trying to find an X-Plane 10 install.  Please let me know whether this fixes your problem.. 

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First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to resolve this issue no one to date been able to fix, well for me anyway. But thank you also to Marty and others for trying.
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Dude you are a genius! Thank you so much, it's installing as I'm writing this but just had to let you know. After the installation process has completed, I will proceed to install the remaining softwares mentioned in the original inquiry. But no doubt It'll be fine as OpenSceneryX was I believe the first one which needed to be installed, not sure but will certainly post here to let you know.

Thanks again.

Ps. Really new at this so are you the author of OSX?
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It’s great to hear the new installer is working.

Yes I build and maintain the OpenSceneryX library.
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Great. So the other ones I've mentioned, authors may have to do the same thing like for Overlay Editor and FS Instant Approach because they too cannot locate the X-Plane folder...
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Yes, the authors of each tool will need to make sure their programs support Steam. On Windows and Linux it's not too bad because the folders are visible and if you know where they are you can find them in the file browser. On macOS however, the folder containing Steam game installs is hidden and this can cause problems.