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I have recently tried to install OpenSceneryX and OverlayEditor but both installers cannot locate my X-Plane 11 folder because Steam has hidden it so well! I've tried a few methods on the forum but with no luck at all.

On the OpenSceneryX Installer, when I click on 'Use Steam' I get a pop-up saying 'The XPlane Steam folder could not be found at /User/shannontamiz/Library/ApplicationSupportSteam:SteamApps:common:X-plane 10.

So when I click on 'Change X-Plane Folder', under Applications the Steam file is grey'd out so I then go into my MacHD, Library, Application Support, the Steam or Common files are nowhere to be seen.

I've tried holding down 'shift+alt+.' everywhere I've looked and no hidden files show at all.

With the OverlayEditor it's pretty much the exact same problem.

So regret purchasing through Steam as I've had so many other problems with numerous add-ons both pay and freeware, I didn't have a choice really as I made over 5 attempts to purchase directly from the X-Plane site but none of my cards where being accepted.

I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6.


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