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I downloaded the x plane 11 demo on my 2017 macbook air with an i5 processer. I have tried running it but it does not run well. Is there any solutions to make it run smoothly?

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Hi Paul,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Although X-plane has been or is being developed using a Mac system, Laminar Research staff have advised in this forum you will get better results with a windows based purpose built PC.  You will need to "trawl" back some months to find the comment.

If you look down the RHS of your question as you read my answer you will find questions of the same nature.  Have a look at the following link at  In reading the comments in this link have a look at the comment about X-Plane for an iPad.  This may help with the unit you have.

As X-plane is resource hungry it will generate heat.  Good cooling is required.  Some of the newer laptops on the market are built specifically for gaming with good cooling.  They are quite thick in appearance and have some weight to accommodate the fans.  What I have observed is a Mac system is quite thin and light     

Good luck


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I have conducted some experiments on macOS and forget portable Macs. Their graphic card is not powerful enough for X-Plane. Any recent desktop Mac is strong enough to run X-Plane smoothly.
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great thanks  !