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Is it possible to view flight phase and event details in X-Plane ?

In X-plane, can we view the flight phases from Engine on to Engine off. If not, is it possible to inject our data and view phases for each flight.

Similarly, is it possible to view incident event/exceedance detected by injecting our data in X-plane.

Kindly help.



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Hi Dhinesh! I'm not sure that I fully understand your question. Could you give me (if possible) some background on your project and what you are trying to do with X-Plane?  Thanks!
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Project: Flight data monitoring & analysis

Based on Flight data recorder parameter, we need to visualize the flight inside X-plane (.fdr files)

Along with X-plane flight visualization, we need to show phases of flight which is attached. Phase of flight from Engine On to Engine off

Also, we can project the phases of flight in google earth pro. Similar way, we need inside X-plane. Is it possible in X-plane ??

Similarly, we have events detected for each flight which is attached for your reference.

Kindly do thee needful.