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I'm making sure this works with CH Products flight simulator hardware such as they're yoke and  rudder pedals. This is all I need to know so if I buy the check products stuff and this game that they'll work together.
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I cant get my ch products to calibrate.

I have the throttle quadrant and yoke and rudders

The only ones that move are the rudders

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Hi sbplane,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Many flight simmers use CH products instead of other brands of hardware.  Provided your hardware products have USB connections then there should be no problem.  

You need to ensure you calibrate the hardware through X-Plane and not use the software supplied with the components.

If still in doubt download the demo version in the first instance.  You should be given the chance to install and calibrate your hardware before you actually commence a demo flight.  The demo flight is at a fixed location and for a flight duration of approximately 10 minutes.

Good luck