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Hello everyone,

       I have a 15 inches surface book 2 with dual GPU and all of my device drivers are up to date. The problem is when I try to choose some programs (I have to use them) such as a X plane11, Google Earth or Navidia Gforce Experience. The program will not response during launching process or my SFB2 turn to blue screen. My solution right now is to disable the Intel GPU first (run G-force only at the beginning). Then turn on the programs and enable the the Intel GPU after. In that case, the programs will run normally. However, I don't want to do that and afraid these may cause some errors and damages to my surface book. The Nvidia control can't do anything in this case. Sometime I can run those programs by the intel GPU (by selected it only) but it can't tolerate their High Graphic requirements and it didn't share load to the Nvidia. So that the programs will not response or clash eventually. 

       By the way, I also have another problem about small font and graphic in SCADA program and the same in some office feature tools. I think it may come from resolution and scaling features in the Win10 but I can't fix this also. I try a lot to fix these out for 2 weeks and so tried. Could Microsoft agent please help me?



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Hi Tana,

Considering the last question asked in you overall problem mentioned above I am of the opinion you are in the wrong forum.

This forum is specifically related to X-Plane and not with problems related to Microsoft and the operational problems you have with your surface pro unit.

If you want to run X-Plane you have to have a dedicated graphics card and your system should meet the recommended system requirements to run successfully.

Contact Microsoft.

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Hi Tana, Thanks for writing in! What are your system specs?