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I have X Plane running on Steam. The control knob on the right side of the GPS will not work. For instance I cannot delete a flight plan because I cannot get the cursor to come on when I press the knob and if I do the menu button will not work sometimes and if it works once I get the menu button to work the knob will not scroll down. It seems the whole right side of the GPS will not function. This happens on the 172 and also on a Carenado 210 I have been flying. The problem started by it being very hard to get the scroll button to move the menu items and now it doesn't work at all. I cannot find a problem in the knowledge base. Would it helped if I gave up Steam and just bought the disks. If I do that will I be able to move all the programs I have purchased over to the hard drive copy of the program. Thank you.

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Hi Gerry,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer not using steam but  using an official version of X-Plane from the developers being Laminar Research.

I cannot answer your problem regarding transferring software from steam to your planned/proposed LR version purchase. If you do acquire a LR version it may be prudent to totally delete the Steam version to avoid any conflict. From what I have seen in this forum I understand that Steam installs the software differently to the LR version which installs to the desktop or a dedicated drive on your flight sim computer.

Steam is a 3rd party product whereby the steam creators are taking a commercial advantage of the development work carried out by Laminar Research (LR).  Steam is not marketed by LR.  It is a completely different product that will not mix with the LR version.  I would suggest you acquire the official digital download version from LR as the many current PC builders, including Apple, no-longer include a DVD drive as part of their builds.  If you want one you need to specifically order a unit or have it added by a third party after your purchase.

Steam version updates become available well after the LR version is released ie they are slow to react.

You most likely will not find anything in the LR knowledge base related to steam.  You should also check the Steam forums for a solution to your problem.