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This page is great because it helps me a lot. I would like to know if it’s possibke to program a different descent

speed than the climb speed. Example: In the CLB page it shows 250/10000 which is fine. Let’s say I enter 220/5000

below this. This means I will not exceed 220 to 5000 and 250 to 10000.

When the DES page is shown it shows the same 250/10000 and the 220/5000 which I entered on the CLB

page.  Although I would like to be at 180 knots at 5000 feet on my decent. Will the VNAV automatically

do this according tho the FMC flight plan LEGS or do I need to  enter 180/5000 and

put it below the 250/10000 speed on the DES page so I will be at 180 knots at 5000 feet ?

Any help would be appreciated.....thanks


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